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Welcome to H.E.A.R.'s online store. Here you will find hearing protection, books, videos, tinnitus masking CD systems,ear phone monitors and more. All proceeds benefit H.E.A.R.'s non profit educational outreach programs. H.E.A.R.offers these products solely for educational and informational purposes. These products are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. H.E.A.R., its representatives, agents, and employees make no representations or warranties with respect to the products listed
musicianer.jpg Custom-fit Musician's Earplugs/ Music Concert Earplugs- HEAR Gift Certificate
(Gift certificate good for San Francisco Bay Area location only) Ear Impressions need to made by a hearing professional. Ask about our custom colors! H.E.A.R. Gift Certificate for Musicians Earplugs/ Music Concert Earplugs for your favorite musician, DJ sound engineer, or music lover. In San Francisco email or call the H.E.A.R.Office (415) 409-EARS or (415)409-3277 for an appointment. HEAR Office location: 1405 Lyon St. San Francisco, CA 94115. If outside of the Bay Area, check out the H.E.A.R. Partners page for an hearing professional near you. Prices may vary among H.E.A.R. Partners. New Custom Silicon soft materials and custom colors (clear, solid, swyrl 2-3 colors, glitter, clear cat eye) clear, white, black, beige, blue, red, green, dark green, grey, orange, pink, purple, yellow, gold, silver. Can be ordered with a choice of either 9, 15, or 25 dB filters.
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beige.gif Mack's® Pillow Soft® Earplugs - Beige ( 2 pair in box)
Mack's® Pillow Soft® Earplugs - Beige America's original and #1-selling moldable silicone earplugs. Mack’s® Pillow Soft® Earplugs mold very comfortably to the unique contours of any ear and are doctor recommended for hearing protection with a substantial noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22 decibels. For loud events, concerts, nightclubs, sleep, flying discomfort, etc. Shatterproof carrying case included. (2 pair in box)
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ultrafoamsm.jpg Ultra Safe Sound-100 pair tub (biege)
Mack’s® Ultra SafeSound® Earplugs Mack’s® Ultra SafeSound® Earplugs are molded with state-of-the-art super low-pressure, skinned and tapered foam. These special features provide unmatched comfort and improved hygiene. With a high noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32 decibels, this high performance hearing protection can be used in environments where noise is just a nuisance up to environments with hazardous noise levels. For loud concerts, motor sports, sleep, shooting sports, power tools, etc. Available at Rite Aid and Target. (100 pair) Made with super soft foam these earplugs are perfect for extended wear in situations where comfort is paramount
Great for:

Shop noises

Molded with state-of-the-art, super low-pressure foam, slow release comfort foam.Fully skinned and tapered, providing unmatched user comfort and hygiene.
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NEW! Listen Smart DVD
Listen Smart: Safely Handling the Power of Sound: This “rockumentary” features interviews with some of today’s most popular musicians (including Ozzy Osbourne, Wyclef Jean and Moby) as they talk about the kinds of long-term hearing damage that can occur when music and other sounds are played too loudly. Students are given a detailed look at the mechanics of sound as well as an easy-to-follow description of how the human ear works. As the video progresses, viewers are offered the tools necessary to understand why high-decibel sounds can create such unintended havoc on the body. Both educational and entertaining, this video will help your students discover how they can make better choices in their auditory “consumption.” This video and print package includes useful tips on hearing protection, information on the short-term and long-term effects of noise exposure and solid advice from music professionals who are familiar with the wide world of sound. Features: Ozzy Osbourne, Wyclef Jean and Moby Produced by Dan Beck Awards: Cine Golden Eagle Award Running Time: 15 minutes Close Captioned Includes: Video and Teacher's Resource Book digital PDF
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Custom earmold impressions only for custom in ear monitors
Sold in the US only. Sorry no overseas shipping. Call HEAR office in San Francisco for appt 415-409-3277 For HEAR Partners in other cities or call HEAR office. (HEAR Partners prices may vary) Required: Must make an appt at the HEAR office in San Francisco for impression taking in the Bay Area.
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ERfilter.jpg ER Filters for Custom-fit Musician's Earplugs Clear (each)
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